VitaHustle Jump Rope Transparent
VitaHustle Jump Rope on turf floor
VitaHustle Jump Rope close up on handle
VitaHustle Jump Rope close up on pair of handles
VitaHustle Jump Rope action shot in a gym
VitaHustle Jump Rope used by woman by opened garage door
VitaHustle Jump Rope close up of woman holding jump rope handles

Vita Hustle Jump Rope

The VitaHustle Jump Rope comes with a precision machined aluminum handle and an adjustable 10ft 2.38mm diameter PVC coated cable. The handles are made of high-grade aluminum alloy with 4 hi-precision cartridge ball bearings per rope. The tapered handles allow for easy grip. This is truly one of the fastest speed ropes you can buy.


  • Machined High Grade Aluminum Handles
  • High Speed Bearings
  • 2.38mm 10ft. PVC coated Speed Cable
  • Adjustable length
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Customer Reviews

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Impossible to cut!!

The quality of the jump rope itself is great. However, the instructions say to cut the wire to adjust the height for yourself. While it sounds like an easy task, I couldn't do it with scissors or an actual wire stripper/cutter. After I was finally able to, the rubber cap doesn't fit back on without the metal threads poking through and poking your hand.

Jump rope quality itself is great. Maybe too great that it's impossible to adjust the height cleanly/effectively.