These 86 Superfoods Are The Health
Secret Behind Kevin Hart's Success

04/26/24 | Michael Strumwasser

But first: What really is a Superfood?

Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. They may also contain functional ingredients like adaptogens, herbs, and digestive enzymes. VitaHustle stands out for its extensive range of superfoods, unlike competitors in the supplement market.

If it works for the busiest man in Hollywood...

Juggling the roles of comedian, actor, entrepreneur, and health advocate, Kevin Hart has truly mastered the art of the "hustle." VitaHustle, created in collaboration with his trainer and business partner, Boss Everline, is a nutritional wellness brand committed to providing premium nutrition that's both accessible and uncompromising on clean ingredients, quality, and DAMN DELCIOUS taste. If these products are up to the challenge of supporting Kevin's demanding schedule, rest assured, they are more than capable of fueling our own hustle.

IT'S ALL IN THERE: 86 Superfoods, One Nutritious Supershake

We firmly believe that success come from within. Conquering any goal begins with a foundation of robust health and boundless energy. Yet, the majority of us don't have the time to hunt down 86 different superfoods. What we do have time for is indulging in the meticulously crafted blend of superfoods found in VitaHustle's Superfood ONE Protein. Each shake delivers a generous 20 grams of vegan plant protein, ensuring sustained energy for your daily lifestyle. With studies linking insufficient protein intake to low energy and fatigue, prioritizing protein becomes a crucial focus for everyone.

Protein is a major focus for us, but Superfood ONE Protein goes beyond just that, with a fusion of nutrient-packed greens such as organic wheatgrass, turmeric, and beetroot. It also features superfood fruits like tart cherry and organic acai, along with a mix of pre and probiotics. Dive into the power of adaptogens like ashwagandha and organic cordyceps, plus an energy and vitality blend with heavyweights like organic maca, ginseng, and matcha. Packed with 86 superfoods and entirely free of artificial ingredients, one shake is all it takes to gear up for the hustle.

Fuel Your Success

We're all in on superfoods, especially when it comes to boosting our well-being. To succeed, we need energy, drive, and proper nourishment. That's why we count on VitaHustle's ONE Superfood Protein and ONE Superfood Greens. These shakes are packed with nutrients like protein, vital greens, and essential vitamins, making fueling our goals a breeze. Whether mixed into smoothies, baked into recipes, or just shaken up, adding 86 superfoods to our routine has never been easier. Just like Kevin Hart's humor, these shakes never fail to brighten our day.

Now that you know the secret to Kevin's success it's time to try it for yourself!

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