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VitaHustle ONE is a healthy, all-in-one superdrink that contains 86 superfoods and essential nutrients, 20 grams of vegan protein, probiotics and adaptogens. It’s called a superdrink because it’s power packed blend of superfood fruits and greens that boost energy, focus, immunity, digestion, mood and muscle recovery.  Paleo & Keto friendly. 150-160 Calories | 20g Vegan Protein | 1g Sugar | Stevia & Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener | 15 Servings Per Bag

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  • Chocolate Cacao
  • Vanilla Bean

How to Use

Add 2 scoops of The ONE superfood mix to 8-12 oz. of water or plant-based milk. Shake vigorously or use blender. Add ice as needed and drink immediately. May be added to any smoothie recipe. Use up to 2 times per day.

    ALL GOOD. NO B.S. (bad stuff)

    no artificial flavors, chalky taste, or ingredients you can't pronouce

    Soy Free

    No Artificial Colors

    Dairy Free

    Gluten Free

    No Artificial Sweeteners

    No Sugar Alcohols


    Reboot your health and wellness journey with just one serving a day of:

    Superfood Fruits & Veggies

    15 alkalizing greens, including kale, wheat grass, and chlorella PLUS 16 antioxidant-rich super fruits, including maqui berry, tart cherry, pomegranate and camu camu.

    20g Vegan Protein

    20g of hunger-satisfying protein to fuel your day, using a high-quality plant-based blend of pea protein, quinoa, and mung bean protein.

    100% RDA Immunity

    22 Vitamins & Minerals + 100% RDA of Immunity Vitamins C, D, E, B6 & Zinc

    2B CFU Probiotic / Prebiotic

    Support a healthy gut and digestive system with 2 billion CFU from 9 strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria probiotics, as well as prebiotic fiber.

    Clinically Tested Adaptogens

    Support memory and cognition, sexual wellness, and a healthy response to stress with clinically studied adaptogens like ashwagandha extract, rhodiola and bacopa.

    Energy & Vitality Herbs

    Invigorating blend of 8 energy and vitality herbs, including maca root, ginseng, matcha green tea, and fenugreek.

    Omega3 Fatty Acids

    Support brain health, mood, and heart health with 3 plant-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids including MCT oil, flax seeds and chia seeds.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 209 reviews
    Doug H.
    Game Changer

    VitaHustle is a game changer. I’ve survived Stage 4 cancer, twice, had 6 doctors tell me I was going to die, had 19 surgeries from my neck up, which left me unable to chew or swallow solid food. Nutritionist had me making shakes that took a lot of time to make, took a lot of different ingredients, which meant a lot of time and money at the grocery store every week.

    VitaHustle changed everything! Now I go to the store once every 2 weeks and spend a third of the money. The shakes are easy to make and don’t need to be kept in ice like my old ones. I have more time, more energy, and more money since I started VitaHustle The One. I drink 2 per day and have never felt better!

    Jessica E.

    VitaHustle® ONE Superfood | Plant Based Protein

    Kyle M.

    Loved it!!!

    Jeanette J.
    Money well spent!

    I have a thyroid disease, and struggle with feeling lethargic. I usually have the “2 o’clock Sleepies” and the “6 o’clock Crashies”, and find it extremely hard to find energy to do normal, every day activities. Since drinking this shake, I have felt phenomenal!! I drink it around 10 am, and have plenty of energy to last me throughout the day. I’ve even had enough energy to start working out again! So glad I made this purchase!

    John H.
    Vita hustle all my life

    I never like protein shakes but Vita Hustle changed my mind, I love it and feel good after taking it.


    If for any reason VitaHustle ONE is not for you, simply return the bag for a full refund less shipping & handling fees.



    What is VitaHustle ONE? 

    VitaHustle ONE is a healthy, all-in-one superdrink that contains 86 superfoods and essential nutrients, vegan protein, probiotics and adaptogens. It’s called a superdrink because it’s power packed blend of superfood fruits and veggies, protein, probiotics, herbs and adaptogens that provide daily nutrition in one simple drink.

    Is there sugar in VitaHustle ONE?

    VitaHustle ONE has no added sugar and zero sugar alcohols. While some superfood powders use organic coconut flower nectar in their fruit blend to hide added sugars, we have avoided that. We use a combination of natural flavors, stevia leaf extract and monk fruit so the ONE is pleasant tasting without being overly sweet.

    What vegan protein is used in VitaHustle ONE? 

    VitaHustle ONE uses an organic blend of the highest quality vegan proteins including pea, quinoa, and mung bean. This balanced blend of protein has an excellent amino acid profile and delivers 20 grams of protein for sustained energy.

    How many servings are in each bag?

    Each bag of VitaHustle ONE contains about 15 servings. Use it at least once a day to feel optimal health benefits. We recommend starting with 2 bags per person which is about a 30-day supply.

    Is VitaHustle ONE a meal replacement?

    VitaHustle ONE is classified as a nutritional supplement due to its’ high daily dose of vitamins and minerals. However, with 150 calories and 20 grams of protein, it does provide many of the same benefits as meal replacements… such as feeling full and providing energy. 

    What are the benefits of VitaHustle ONE?

    There are so many benefits you can experience when you take VitaHustle ONE daily. Protein and fiber help you feel full and energized, Ashwagandha fights occasional stress, 100% daily value of Vitamin C, D, E, B and Zinc provides immunity, Adaptogens support cognition and focus, Probiotics support digestion, Biotin supports healthy skin, hair, and nails, and superfruits and veggies provide overall wellness and antioxidant protection.