5 Reasons Why Kevin Hart Created The ONE!

Here’s why Kevin Hart created VitaHustle One, designed for people who are trying to level up their wellness game...

08/03/23 | Michael Strumwasser

1. Fuel People with 86 Superfoods & Nutrients

The ONE is a nutritional powerhouse, combining high-quality protein with 86 carefully selected superfood nutrients. It's also packed with 20g of Protein and a blend of essential Greens, Probiotics, Fruits, Adaptogens, and Fiber, plus your daily Vitamins & Minerals.

2. Add Convenience To Busy Everyday Lives

VitaHustle ONE offers you the chance to have a fully balanced meal within minutes – an ideal solution for your fast-paced lifestyle, acknowledging the real challenges of maintaining a consistently healthy diet amid life's demands.

3. Make Healthy Eating Affordable and Accessible

At just $2.66 per serving, the One is an unbeatable investment in your health, and is the ultimate bang for your buck.

4. Supercharge Workouts

Driven by his commitment to elevating his workouts, Kevin Hart created the ONE to infuse his exercise regimen with a potent blend of nutrients and energy. The One is packed with protein and essential amino acids, designed to support muscle recovery and enhance performance.

5. Develop a Shake that is... SIMPLE. NUTRITIOUS. DAMN DELICIOUS.

Kevin Hart's vision for VitaHustle ONE stemmed from the desire to craft an all-in-one shake that not only delivers essential nutrients and plant-based superfoods but also tastes DAMN DELICIOUS!

Now that you know the reasons behind the creation, it's time to try the ONE! Use Code HUSTLE15 for 15% Off!