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Crazy Good!

Being a vegetarian this is a great product for me to make sure I am getting everything I need. B12 an iron are a must and this fills in the gap perfectly!

Berry Good

I love adding this to my day. Only issue I have is the organic sugar added; why not stevia?

This is my go-to breakfast smoothie protein powder. It tastes great, blends well and goes down smooth!

Amazing product

It tastes amazing and I feel better, does not quite curb my cravings or give enough energy. I still find myself needing coffee in the morning

Feeling on top of the world thanks to VitaHustle Women's Multi Gummies!

"Feeling on top of the world thanks to VitaHustle Women's Multi Gummies! 🌟 I can't express how much I've enjoyed incorporating these into my daily routine. Not only are they delicious, but they've also become the first multivitamin I've actually stayed consistent with. 🙌 Taking care of my well-being has never been this convenient and enjoyable. Here's to feeling my best, every single day! 💪 #VitaHustleLove #DailyWellness #NewRoutine"

Tastes great mixes well in smoothies

Im convinced

Solid product! I enjoy the plant based version and it truly has the affect of a quality plant based protein. Good flavor and the bags come full.

Great taste

Pretty good.

It's the first time ever trying something like this and it's not half bad. The chocolate is a little chalky but the taste balances it out. Love both flavors with almond mil especially, and have been noticing a difference in my life. I'm sure it'll get better as time moves on too. Thank you and Kevin I guess 🤣.

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really good for energy

It tasted good, less sodium and sugar. I like the benefits that come with these.


This product is amazing! It has everything you need and it taste great!!! Definitely ordering more!

super chill

this works, I like the 300 MG of KSM66 ashwaghanda, that is the best for stress.

Vita Hustle delivers strong!

I'm definitely reordering! This blend is a perfect replacement for the shake I have in place. It additionally saves me getting separate pre & probiotic supplements: game changer!

Best Protein Shake in Ingredients and Taste. (PERIOD)

I tried just about every plant-based protein powder there is with most being grainy, having an aftertaste, and/or just plain or having a weird flavor profile. VitalHustle ONE Superfood Protein cracked the code with superior ingredients, great vegan protein, superfood, probiotic and prebiotic mix that is hands down the best tasting protein powder that I’ve come across after 20 years of trying various products. - Rob D.

Simply a Perfect Blend!

I have tried a plethora of protein shakes from whey, to hemp, to rice to pea and everything in between. My body preferred the plant based, but all rice protein or all pea protein, etc… my body did not digest well. I went out on a limb, thinking…what do I have to lose? And all I gotta say is it’s been ALL WINS!!! My daughter who has a hard time not feeling bloated or gassy from protein shakes was reluctant to try…but loved the chocolate flavor. She gave it a try and feels ahh-mazing! One thing I have noticed recently is the texture of my skin becoming smoother and more supple…feeling full of nutrients! The only thing I don’t like is the ziploc closing, as it many times gets full of protein and it is difficult to close. But that is minor. I just put it in a class sealed container. Thanks again Kevin for not only providing the world with laughter but a plant protein product that is easy on digestion.
P.S. The shaker provided mixes easily with the protein, doesn’t get clumping or chewy…blends perfectly!
Much appreciative! :) Jodi


Just Started taking it I have the vanilla flavor taste great I used it in a blender and it thickened up a little bit (milk shake like) which it great I take either before work or after work you to have good eating habits to feel and see results like more energy,clearer skin and your vitamins and minerals. It works for me;I have know complaints 💯💯💯💯💯👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Love it

It’s really easy to mix with anything!

So far I love it

I decided to give this powder a shot when I quit a different brand and so far I really like it. It blends really well and the chocolate tastes really good. The vanilla is just okay but I'm not really a fan of vanilla in general. I was actually sent the vanilla by mistake (I ordered 2 chocolate) and customer service was fantastic in making sure the right product got out to me. I'm looking forward to trying the supergreens next.

BEST on the market and at a reasonable PRICE!!

Really can't beat this...I've tried several. It tastes great, has solid ingredients, and the price for 30 day supply to me, is on Point!!

It's awesome!

I love vita hustle because it it gives me a the plant base nutrition I need without all the hassle of going to a specialized grocery store to get what I need


I’ve been drinking Vita-Hustle for almost 2 months & it’s the best decision I’ve made when it comes to health! It tastes delicious & i feel so energized & have even noticed a difference in my overall health. I have come to learn that health is so important, & this product is super affordable & will help you be at your best - peak performance! Goodbye sickness, junk-food & unhealthy sugary stuff. Hello VitaHustle & feeling like a superhuman ready to take on a busy work week! 10/10 Recommend for anyone & everyone🤟🏼

Switched from AG1 to Vita Hustle

I had been drinking AG1 for a few months now and it's good but I wanted a change. I saw the Kevin Hart commercial on Insta and decided to switch to Vita Hustle. Got to say I like it more than AG1. Tastes better, I feel great and my stomach is responding well to it. I will continue to subscribe to Vita Hustle.

I love Vita Hustle

I am an active athletic 70 year old, Vita Hustle helps me with brain health, physical health, and overall well being.

better belly

Since I've been taking these my digestion is better and I feel good. They taste pretty good too, which I probably take too many but it's working.