9 Reasons Why Kevin Hart Created The One!

Here’s why Kevin Hart created VitaHustle One, designed for people who are trying to level up their wellness game...

08/03/23 | Michael Strumwasser

1. Fuel People with 86 Superfood & Nutrients

The ONE is a nutritional powerhouse, combining high-quality protein with 86 carefully selected superfood nutrients. It's also packed with 20g of Protein and a blend of essential Greens, Probiotics, Fruits, Adaptogens, and Fiber, plus your daily Vitamins & Minerals.

2. Add Convenience To Busy Everyday Lives

VitaHustle ONE offers you the chance to have a fully balanced meal within minutes – an ideal solution for your fast-paced lifestyle, acknowledging the real challenges of maintaining a consistently healthy diet amid life's demands.

3. Make Healthy Eating Affordable and Accessible

At just $2.66 per serving, the One is an unbeatable investment in your health, and is the ultimate bang for your buck.

4. Disrupt the Wellness Game

Kevin, alongside co-founder, trainer and business partner Ron “Boss” Everline, shares a commitment to empower individuals to unlock their inner superhero through accessible, nourishing, and irresistibly delicious products.

5. Create an All-In-One Shake that is All Good, No B.S. (Bad Stuff)

Kev believes in clean and green nutrition without compromise. VitaHustle ONE is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and free from fillers or artificial sweeteners. 

6. Supercharge Workouts

Driven by his commitment to elevating his workouts, Kevin Hart created the ONE to infuse his exercise regimen with a potent blend of nutrients and energy. The One is packed with protein and essential amino acids, designed to support muscle recovery and enhance performance.

7. Boost Immune & Digestive Systems

VitaHustle ONE was meticulously crafted to fortify digestive and immune health, fusing essential nutrients and plant-based components into a blend that champions overall well-being, simplifying the journey to a healthier life.

8. Enable People to Live their Best Lives!

Kevin Hart designed VitaHustle ONE to fuel individuals on their journey to self-improvement, combining nutrition and convenience to unlock their potential.

9. Develop a Shake that is... SIMPLE. NUTRITIOUS. DAMN DELICIOUS.

Kevin Hart's vision for VitaHustle ONE stemmed from the desire to craft an all-in-one shake that not only delivers essential nutrients and plant-based superfoods but also tastes DAMN DELICIOUS!

Now that you know the reasons behind the creation, it's time to try the ONE!

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