See Why Kevin Hart is Using the VitaHustle One to Fuel His Recovery

Kevin Hart is down BAD, but thank goodness he's got Vitahustle to get him back to full strength! The road to recovery starts with Vitahustle!

08/24/23 | Michael Strumwasser

The One is ready to get Kev back to full strength!

Kev knows that if he wants to get back to his Superhero self he needs to be extremely careful with what he puts in his body. By beginning each day with the One, Kevin will ensure a steady path toward full recovery.

The One is Packed with Superfoods

The ONE is a nutritional powerhouse, combining high-quality protein with 86 carefully selected superfood nutrients. It's also packed with a blend of essential Greens, Probiotics, Fruits, Adaptogens, and Fiber,

The Ultimate Blend

Kevin's superfood protein is giving him 22 vitamins & minerals, amino acids, as his muscles will need this in the coming weeks to allow them to heal quickly.

Clean Protein

VitaHustle packs a punch with 20 grams of plant-based protein. This protein is key to support Kevin's muscle recovery – they're recovering faster with every scoop!

Macarena with Maca Root

Kevin needs more energy as his body heals. Maca Root is the key ingredient in the ONE keeping him motivated and energized.

We know Kev's PISSED, but he's got cheerleaders in his corner!

Ashwagandha is the ultimate cheerleader in Kevin's recovery journey, shouting, "Go, muscles, go! You got this!" This powerful ingredient in VitaHustle is keeping him from feeling down while he goes through the recovery period.

Kev will be back!

Kevin's unyielding determination, along with the consistent and significant advantages provided by the One, ensures that he will return back to his Superhero levels in no time!

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