20-Minute Workout Circuit for Your Holiday Fitness Needs

You don’t have time for complicated workouts this month … there’s just too much going on. And you know what? We get it. The holidays are filled with craziness, so involved training splits, the pursuit of mind-muscle connection and new and unfamiliar exercises are probably the last things you’re thinking about right now.

What you need is a good, quick sweat that you can get in, anytime, anywhere, hitting key muscles that’ll make you stand tall for photos and give you a little energy boost for all that family time.

For that, we’ve got you covered with a 20-minute, all-bodyweight, total body blast. Aim to complete this circuit three times a week during the holidays. Although, you could easily do it more (every single day, if you want) or less (it’s the holidays after all).


Do each exercise in this workout for one minute, working for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds. During your 40-second work periods, aim to go as hard as you can. During the 20-second rest intervals, take deep breaths and mentally prepare for the next move.

Complete four rounds of this workout, but know that there’s flexibility in here, too. If you only have 10 minutes, just do two rounds. Have 15 minutes? Do three. Have a full half-hour? Sure, you can work for six rounds.



Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step back with your left leg; lower into a reverse lunge, then push off your right leg to return to a stand. Step back with your right leg for a reverse lunge, then push back to a stand. Do a bodyweight squat. Repeat the moves until time’s up.


Lie on your belly, arms and legs extended. Squeeze your glutes, lifting your legs off the ground. Squeeze your upper back, raising your arms off the ground; you should resemble Superman flying. Now squeeze your shoulder blades and pull your elbows to your ribcage. Extend out to the Superman position again and relax your glutes and back muscles. Repeat until time’s up.


Get in a pushup position with your feet on a bench or chair, abs tight and glutes squeezed, hands directly below your shoulders. Bend your elbows and knees and lower your chest to the ground; pause for 1 second then press back up. Repeat until time’s up.


Get in plank position, with your elbows on the ground, core, and glutes tight. Raise your left hand off the floor and reach it forward. As you do so, tighten your abs and glutes even more so that your hips and shoulders stay square to the ground. Return your left hand to the ground and repeat with the right. Alternate sides while holding the plank until time’s up.


Run in place, driving your knees high on each step. Focus on getting your knees higher than your hips with every stride. Work as fast and steadily as you can until time’s up.