5 Reasons Why On-The-Go Supplement Packs Can Be A Perfect Fit For Your Lifestyle

How much is convenience worth to you?

We all have a finite amount of money to spend on supplements every month. And like everything else, buying supplements in bulk can definitely lower the cost per serving. For some people, the convenience and ease-of-use of single-serving on-the-go packs more than make up for saving a few bucks on that six-pound tub of protein powder. In fact, most of us will have a couple of days a month when an on-the-go packet would make life much easier. Even if you are a willing slave to routine, and you have your trusty cupboard of supplement jugs in your kitchen, here are five reasons why keeping a box of on-the-go packets can help keep your nutrition on point.

1. Convenience

If you have days you describe as “crazy-busy” (and we all do), then one mega-container of supplements at your house might not do you much good. Single-use packets can be squirreled around your office, car, or gym bag, and take up much less room than a commercial container or even a loaded shaker bottle. Even more, they aren’t prone to spills and mishaps.

2. Less waste

Supplements can be surprisingly prone to spoilage. Air, moisture, heat, and light, all help degrade the potency and effectiveness of supplements. For instance, protein powder is vulnerable to something called Maillard browning, which is initiated by environmental exposure. This phenomenon substantially reduces the nutritional value of protein and the availability of amino acids, especially lysine. The effect can also induce off-flavor development, undesirable color, decreased solubility, and destruction of vitamins.

Every time you open that big jug of protein, you are exposing the powder to potential damage. And pouches are worse than jars when it comes to protecting the product. On-the-go packets are tightly sealed and are not exposed to moisture, air, or light until they are opened. Industry experts also believe that the sealed plastic provides significant protection from temperature extremes as well.

3. Accuracy

The contents of on-the-go packets are pre-measured, so you know exactly how much you are getting. No need to deal with that measuring cup, even if you can find it in the mountain of protein powder under which it is buried. If you are meticulous about your daily grams of protein or carbs this kind of accountability can take some of the stress out of your day.

4. Travel

Have you ever tried to go through airport security with a Ziplock baggie of white powder? We don’t recommend it. Factory sealed on-the-go packets can clear up any questions that come from authority figures who don't understand the fitness lifestyle.

5. Responsibility

In recent years, packaging technology has made huge strides in creating products that are increasingly biodegradable and compostable. And almost all on-the-go plastic packaging is highly recyclable. It’s ultimately the end-user’s responsibility to throw that empty slip of plastic back in their gym bag until they can get home and toss it in their blue recycling bin.