May Mobility Workout

If you want to look good and feel great, you know you need muscle and strength, and you need a strong cardiovascular system too. But that’s not it. You also need a hearty dose of something called mobility. And it’s this last thing that’s oft forgotten in most gym programs.

No, this doesn’t mean touching your toes and doing a few stretches. Mobility requires you to do more than stretch a muscle: You’re using your muscles to fully control a joint (or series of joints) through their ranges of motion.

This requires intentional, focused movement, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do in this month’s workout. And you just may break more of a sweat than you think.

Directions: Do this workout as often as you want, even multiple times a day. Do each move for 60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets of each exercise, then move onto the next.

Inchworm to T Rotation

Start standing, then bend forward and place your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Slowly walk them forward until you’re in pushup position. Tighten your abs and glutes. Lift your right hand and reach it toward the ceiling, rotating your chest to the right as you do. Repeat on the other side, then walk your hands back to standing. That’s 1 rep.

Spiderman Lunge to Rotation

Start in pushup position, abs and glutes tight. Lift your right foot and step it right outside your right hand, tighten your left glute and straighten your left leg as you do this. Lift your right hand and reach it to the ceiling. Return it to the ground, shift back to push position and repeat on the other side. That’s 1 rep.

Cat Cow to Bear Plank to Plank

Start on all fours, abs and glutes tight, hands directly below your shoulders, back flat. Arch your back, dropping your belly to the ground and looking straight ahead. Breathe deeply. Round your back, pulling your bellybutton to your spine and spreading your shoulder blades. Return to the start position, back fully flat. Tighten your abs and glutes. Lift your knees off the ground. Pause for 2 seconds, then step your legs back into pushup position, hold for 2 seconds. Return to all fours and repeat the motion.

Reverse Lunge to T-Rotation

Start standing, then step your right foot forward into a lunge. Lower your left knee to the ground. Put your hands together reach them out in front of you. Pull your right hand back and open your chest to the right side, then bring it back in front of you. Repeat on the left side. That’s 1 rep; do one set on each side.