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VitaHustle ONE is a healthy, all-in-one superdrink that contains 86 superfoods and essential nutrients, 20 grams of vegan protein, probiotics and adaptogens. It’s called a superdrink because it’s power packed blend of superfood fruits and greens that boost energy, focus, immunity, digestion, mood and muscle recovery.  Paleo & Keto friendly. 150-160 Calories | 20g Vegan Protein | 1g Sugar | Stevia & Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener | 15 Servings Per Bag

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    Doug H.
    Game Changer

    VitaHustle is a game changer. I’ve survived Stage 4 cancer, twice, had 6 doctors tell me I was going to die, had 19 surgeries from my neck up, which left me unable to chew or swallow solid food. Nutritionist had me making shakes that took a lot of time to make, took a lot of different ingredients, which meant a lot of time and money at the grocery store every week.

    VitaHustle changed everything! Now I go to the store once every 2 weeks and spend a third of the money. The shakes are easy to make and don’t need to be kept in ice like my old ones. I have more time, more energy, and more money since I started VitaHustle The One. I drink 2 per day and have never felt better!

    Jessica E.

    VitaHustle® ONE Superfood | Plant Based Protein

    Kyle M.

    Loved it!!!

    Jeanette J.
    Money well spent!

    I have a thyroid disease, and struggle with feeling lethargic. I usually have the “2 o’clock Sleepies” and the “6 o’clock Crashies”, and find it extremely hard to find energy to do normal, every day activities. Since drinking this shake, I have felt phenomenal!! I drink it around 10 am, and have plenty of energy to last me throughout the day. I’ve even had enough energy to start working out again! So glad I made this purchase!

    John H.
    Vita hustle all my life

    I never like protein shakes but Vita Hustle changed my mind, I love it and feel good after taking it.