What are Adaptogens?

Life can be pretty overwhelming, right? 

Thankfully, nature has gifted us with a few ways to manage it and improve our physical and mental wellbeing – welcome, the humble adaptogen. 

Adaptogens are active ingredients found in plants and mushrooms. It’s as simple as that. Their sole purpose is to bring your body back to homeostasis (balance) by helping you cope with mental and physical stressors. 

Consuming them in the form of plants and mushrooms (by tincture, food, or as a drink) is thought to create a chemical reaction within the body to help your nervous system manage its response to stressful situations. For example, imagine your cortisol levels are consistently elevated in fight-or-flight mode (cue, anxiety) – adaptogens could help to reduce your cortisol levels and bring some yin back to your yang. 

Discover the benefits and research behind adaptogens and how our The ONE can help bring some balance back to your lifestyle. You can also check out the prebiotics & probiotics found in our product and how they can help you get gut happy. 

Types of Adaptogens 

There are several adaptogens, all boasting various benefits and varying levels of research to back them up. One thing they all have in common? Research tells us that they can stimulate your neuro-endocrine immune system and can potentially have neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, antidepressive, nootropic, and CNS (central nervous system) stimulating effects on your body. 

The result? Reduced fatigue and stress on the body and improved cognitive and physical performance. Sounds good to us. So what are the types?


Power herb Ashwagandha is one type of adaptogen found in our VitaHustle ONE Superfoods Blend. This ancient Indian herb was traditionally used to reduce stress (cortisol levels), enhance focus, and even improve sexual vitality. 

We cover more on Ashwagandha in our article (link above), but some evidence suggests it is a powerhouse for enhancing your body’s resilience to stress. The study even found it could improve your immunity against disease and increase cell immunity. It is considered by Indian culture as a potent tonic that even has anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. 

Of course, larger-scale studies are needed, but the existing evidence leans heavily towards Ashwagandha as an effective adaptogen. 


American Ginseng is a herb associated with North America and Asia. AG is rich in active compounds called ginsenosides, responsible for tons of health benefits, and found in anything from drinks to cosmetics. 

According to research, AG positively affects the nervous system and can boost memory, instill calmness, and improve cognitive function. One study even suggests it could benefit those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and anxiety. The research found AG also has the potential to positively affect the cardiovascular system (reduce heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and could have anti-cancer properties.


The National Institutes of Health tells us that AG originates in the Far East, including countries like China and Korea. The root boasts several health benefits, including:

  • Improved physical stamina, concentration, and memory
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improving symptoms of lung and heart disorders 
  • Improving anxiety and depression 

One study even found that it could help improve glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar. 


Eleuthero is a woody shrub thought to affect the brain, immune system, and certain hormones. It has been primarily used to potentially increase endurance, improve memory, and relieve stress, but the evidence is limited. 


Rhodiola is known for its stress-protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Some limited research even indicates it could help improve performance and alleviate mental fatigue, although the jury is still out on the scales of studies available. 

How do I take Adaptogens? 

If you’re keen to give them a go, you can add adaptogens to your food and drink or use them in ready-made tinctures. They can be easily found in supplement and powder form, and some food and drinks already contain them. 

Are you looking to balance your hormones and lower stress levels? We’ve already done the work, adding Ashwagandha to our VitaHustle ONE Superfoods Blend. Alongside plenty of vitamin-rich ingredients and super greens– you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy it as part of your daily super drink.