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Tastes great

I love it! Definitely my new favorite protein powder!

Run hard

I love this stuff

Easy to Mix

Great taste on the Chocolate and mixes easy


Took a lot of trial and error to find the right super powder for me. Amazing taste and mixes well. I mix the chocolate version every morning with vanilla almond milk. Ka’chava just gave me stomach aches and nothing works like this has. Has more in it than AG1/ Athletic greens. EVERY morning this is my essential everyday drink. Balances my gut micro biome and system very well, has sufficient protein, and I just feel better everyday. Might try taking it twice a day to see how that goes. So thank you Kevin and Vitahustle team for this product. I’m not one to leave reviews but I have to for this product.

My daily ONE

The ONE is literally the one thing I need post workout. I drink it right after a workout and no longer crash or raid the pantry. My body feels better and it actually tastes good! Love the chocolate flavor

Vita hustle shake

Just love the shake, I appreciate the added vitamins and nutrients.


I purchased the chocolate and vanilla, both taste great, chocolate is definitely my favorite. I love mixing with water and a shot of espresso.

VitaHustle® ONE Superfood | PLANT BASED PROTEIN

Vita Hustle Review

Outstanding. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve finally found my go to everyday shake!

Love It

Since I have been using Vita Hustle, my energy level has been noticeably higher. I get up at 2:30am to get ready and be at work by 4am. I do not drink coffee. Every day I mix the Vita Hustle drink in a blender and drink it before work. My mind seems clear and focus is great. I will continue to be a customer and thank you for this product!


This is has been One of the first protein shake I've ever felt packing so much power. Felt much more energetic after two days use. 👍🏾

Life changing

I have tried many supplements but non come close to Vitahustle taste and texture are the best I had to order extra packs because I found myself taking two shakes a day. Thanks

Great Taste, love the Health Benefits

The taste is really good and I add bananas as well to the chocolate mix. Im going to try the vanilla next as well. I would never had tried it had it not been backed by Kevin Hart, and reading the ingredients and the benefits of how healthy it is reassured me. The price is comparable to other shakes on the market but some have high amounts of lead that does not meet California standards. I wanted a product I could trust and this was exactly what we were looking for.


Surprisingly comfortable at the gym. I should’ve ordered more…..I will now!

Seriously Amazing!

I struggle with some weight and health issues. I have desperately been looking for a shake that is good and provides many nutrients I been needing. This shake makes me feel so happy and energetic. Truly the best product on the market.

Great job Harts!!

I mix the vanilla and chocolate together it’s very good and filling! 💪🏼

I love it! I feel amazing after drinking it every morning. Gives me the boost I need to take on the day

Great product


Honestly, I was just looking for a decent protein shake. You know organic, no bs fillers, all that good stuff. If you’ve done this before, you know you always get sent down a rabbit hole of the overpacked 64G of protein that’s too much or the green pastures that’s only 12 grams. You get my drift…
Anyways, I came across this and figured I’d give it a shot, hoping that he wouldn’t put his name and reputation on something that would turn out to be ****. He didn’t… this is the first Superfood/meal replacement that I I actually look forward too and finished. I’m mostly happy about it because it wasn’t a waste of money and just sitting in my cabinet. With ice cold water it was good, but with a cold protein packed plant based/ almond milk it was very good and filling. And absolutely no stomach issues or nasty mouthfeel. It blends very well, so it’s not thick and chalky like some. I am still on a search for a decent protein, but Vitahustle One is definitely part of my go to breakfast everyday or even in between meals shake. I had the Vanilla flavor and I’m ordering the chocolate one now!

The Best

This shake blend has been wonderful, I have so much energy since I been drinking the and then it had something a little extra for the fellas,, let’s just say it’s been going down lol

Game changer

Literally the best all in one product on the market. Great taste, mixes very easily and love that there is protein added.

Great Product

Both flavors are delicious, with no aftertaste. My body enjoys the nutritious energy this product delivers. Shout out to Kevin as fellow Philly native doing good work!


This is the best vegan protein powder I have found, and I have tried way too many and wasted too much money. Other brands upset my stomach, gave me gas, I gained weight. It does exactly what it says it's going to do and it's delicious.

Was hesitant but I like it I feel good it keeps me going

So far so good it keeps me going I feel good !! I read a lot of complaints about the taste but healthy doesn’t taste good without adding all the junk in it. I mix one scoop of vanilla one scoop of chocolate. It’s delicious drink it stop complaining.

Multivitamin Mens

The best vitamins I had so far now .