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Definite Difference

Definitely feel a difference in how I feel. I have more energy, than I did before. Was always sluggish in the morning and had no energy. Now I'm able to have more energy through my day and not fel as sluggish as before.. as time goes on I feel like it gets better everyday! I'm only taking a half dose right now but will probably up it to a full dose soon.


I have never been someone who has taken vitamins. After the last year I began working out and heard Kevin on the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about Vita Hustle and I figured I would give it a try as i was trying to get healthier and with covid going on vitamins wouldn’t hurt. I bought a months worth to see if i felt a difference and boy do i feel a difference. The amount of Energy I have everyday is through the roof. I have been working out longer and harder, i have cut back on the amount of caffeine I needed to function daily, i feel more rested and require less sleep (which may be a down side because who doesn’t love sleep). I feel far better taking Vita Hustle than without and i have signed up for a subscription because of it. I would recommend Vita Hustle to anyone who is look to take vitamins.

Number 1

Exceed my expectations!


Great vitamin. I've been taking them for many months now, and if I forget to take them for a few days I can tell the difference. I would highly recommend!

Multivitamin for Men
Joshua Conway
I liked the old packaging.

Do you don’t give into pressure to change your product. It’s a multi-vitamin does what it’s suppose to do but you are now I would assume saving on packaging and I didn’t see a price drop on my side, if your gonna change pass those savings along! Other than that I’m pleased been on for I think about a year or close to it.


This is the only multivitamin that I feel like I can actually FEEL. If that makes sense, I’ve slipped and forgotten to take it a few times and feel like a completely different person. Recovery and overall attitude/energy is at an all time high with this multivitamin!

I sodium content is a bit high


Absolutely loving this multi vitamin so far and hoping to continue the use of it in the future!

Multivitamin for Men
Jorge Mujica
Great Product!

I’ve tried a bunch of different multi-vitamins for years and I really feel like Vita-Hustle actually supplements my active body’s needs. ps I appreciate the new simple basic packaging it comes in.

Multivitamin for Women
Heather Hutton
Goodbye sleepy afternoons

I've been taking them for a few weeks and I can tell the difference in energy throughout the day and improved focus. I don't feel tired at lunch time and I have energy until it's time for bed! Definitely will keep purchasing.

Multivitamin for Men
Anthony Villa
So far so good

I first herd of these vitamins from JRE with Hart on. I'm a first responder which means it's tough eating healthy on the road , I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, so far its been about a few weeks taken them daily , I do feel a slight boost of energy and more strength working out. So far so good 👍🏼

Like them

I have been using this vitamins for some months now and I feel that they are well rounded thus I do not need to take multiple other supplements. so far so good!

Good flavor

I love this product. Since becoming totally vegan in 4-1-21, I was really concerned trying to find the right protien that had good caloric intake. This fits so right with my lifestyle. And I use the shaker bottle everyday.

Hands down the best vegan protein powder I've ever had!!!! Well done.


Love this protein & it has great flavor!

Multivitamin for Women
Beth Stauffer
Great vitamins. Gives me energy and mental clarity

Easily digestible, gives me extra energy and mental clarity

Very good product It makes me feel a lot better than most supplement do

Life Changing

Bottom line “THIS WORKS” I feel good, I’m off the couch and doing things. Thanks Kevin

Multivitamin for Women
Christina Whitaker

I have been using this Vitahustle about year I love it gives me

Best vitamins I’ve taken!

From the packaging to the quality of the vitamins, has been great. Everything it says on the box is true, more focus, energy etc. I plan on trying the rest of the products!

Best vitamins on the planet!

These vitamins have been game changing! Just like Kevin hart im always on the move and active, these vitamins help with my energy as I wake up every morning at 5 to start my day! I feel a lot more productive in my day as I notice myself still having energy at the end of the day. I would recommend to anyone!

Capsule Organizer
Stephanie Thomas
Capsule Organizer

I love the stack-ability!!! Genius design!!!

Multivitamin for Men
Mike Stephansen

I love the product. You were highly recommended by a family member.

Great tasting

I like it considering it is vegan 😊

z-Reds & Greens - Discontinued

It’s good however it is an acquired taste