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Great service

Great service

Great vitamins-change the packaging

The vitamins are great. My only suggestion is changing the packaging to something less wasteful. I understand the marketing value of the packaging, but anyone that subscribes doesn’t need it. Maybe go to more efficient packaging after the first order is received, Just a thought.

These vitamins are on fire!

As soon as I take these vitamins I instantly feel ready to take on anything and energetic for a workout.

I love these vitamins

Great product gives me that extra boost for work each day!


I love taking vital hustle, PERIODT...


Best way to start the day! Outstanding supplement.

Boost your day!

start taking the supplement every morning with my meal last month. can see slight difference with my energy level into mid day.. no more dull-fatigue!

Great product

Honestly this is the best multivitamin I’ve ever had. It gives you that extra boost of energy when you need it and also helps with memory. I highly recommend this product

Awesome product.

I’ve noticed a big difference in how a feel while taking these. Very glad I found out about them and got on the monthly distribution list. They are packed with the essentials.

Hard headed guy that won't take anything... well now I do and love it

I am 32, fairly active and healthy. I workout regularly and eat properly for the majority.
Vitahustle has changed my routine for the better it's scary, my workouts are much more powerful, my daily thought process was not lacking in any way but holy smokes now I am accomplishing so much more and only change is Vitahustle. Increased focus, and energy are the two biggest benefits I noticed within 3-4 days. Will review again in a couple weeks but so far best vitamin I have ever taken. Beats animal pak all day long no comparison. If your on the couch expecting a rush good luck if your exhausted and depleted all the time this is for you. Biggest benefit has been my sleep schedule and feeling awake in lieu of being in a haze upon waking up.

Game changer

I bought this on a whim to see if the reviews I read were legit. First couple days in and I could wake up easier. After a couple weeks I can notice a huge difference in my day to day energy levels. If you’re looking for a multi to support a busy lifestyle, then I highly recommend trying these vitamins.

Great Daily Multivitamin

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Hart, his comedy, his movies, and his fitness journey for years. I had been looking for a good daily men’s multivitamin for my active lifestyle. When I saw VitaHustle had launched, I had to try it out and haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been healthier and performing at a higher lever for the last year than beforehand. It’s helped me with my focus as well as physical performance in the weight room. I also saw that he’s working on other supplements (protein, BCAAs, etc.) and will definitely be trying those out as well.

Love it,

too expensive

Not so much for steep price

Haven’t noticed any difference compared to any of the other multi vitamin out there. Price its high plus shipping cost. When you compare with other lead brands that are half of the price and easily found on amazon prime it’s not such a boom as advertised.

Amazing product. So needed for a busy lifestyle that supports with energy and necessary vitamins to get through the day.


Best vitamins I’ve tried

I’ve been taking the vitamins for a month and feel much better with a lot of energy I will continue using them,

The Hustle is REAL

I switched to VitaHustle after listening to Kevin Hart talk with Joe Rogan. I decided to trust Kevin because of his positive attitude and outlook on life, one I wish to emulate. The pills are a bit large, but I have to say I feel great after one month, and I managed to get through a massive cold season wihtout getting sick, even though everyone else was catching it. Thank you vitahustle, keep it up


My only complaint, and it bothers me more and more each month, is the ridiculous packaging. I'm not a big "greenie" but it's so over the top and difficult to open and unnecessary that I may eventually switch to a different multi. I've emailed you about this but did not get a reply. But I love the product itself.

One of a kind.

This vitamin is one of a kind and it is one of the best products on the market. I reccomend anyone whose on a healthy path to try it for themselves, you won't be disappointed.

All good

Brittany Puffinburger

I’ve taken this multivitamin for months now and it’s made me feel healthy inside out. This has really helped my fitness and health journey extremely. These vitamins have defiantly helped my metabolism so much. I have notice that my ability to focus for longer period of time has increased tremendously .

Multivitamin for Men

Its ok

I dont feel the energy boost but I think it helps with my pain and soar around my body to heal so its ok

Good job

I like it alot