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Didn't Think It Worked

I was taking VitaHustle one time daily after breakfast. I didn't think it was working for me until I stopped taking it. What a difference! I only need two capsules per day to feel a difference in my energy level. Learned my lesson. Resumed taking VitaHustle as part of my daily regimen. Love it :-)

Hi Matt

I really like vitahustle I have the best energy ever better skin super focus thanks Kevin Hart my new life just begin feeling great


Great multivitamin. Noticeable energy increase during the day.

Amazing Product

I was did one of the pre orders of this product when it first came out. I ordered two bottles and absolutely loved the product. I had a noticeable amount of additional energy, joint relief, better mood and all around felt better. Tried another product after this and did not feel the same. About to place another order now! You definitely have a customer for life!

No noticeable difference

No noticeable difference

Multivitamin for Men

I feel good!!!!

Best daily vitamins I have ever taken, no more coffee in the morning for me anymore😁

Amazing !!!

Take 3 times a day starting to kick in ! After about a week ...I have a wound from skin cancer .. I believe it’s helping heal! It’s getting things moving ! Not saying it’s curing it but I’ll tell you something it’s sure closing it up .. I believe it’s helping!!!

Improvements in Mood and Energy

I usually take the Vitahustle multivitamin with lunch everyday. I usually have a crash in the afternoon where I feel lethargic and have no motivation at my job. I find that since taking this multivitamin, I have consistent energy throughout the day. I would say that this vitamin combined with a healthy diet is the most beneficial for my mood and energy levels throughout the day that I was not experiencing prior to taking this supplement.

VitaHustle is good!

It’s a really great product and it would be better if it the number of capsules per serving could be reduced.

Great MultiVitamin Created

Since using this brand, I felt a change in my health for the positive. Many other vitamins I’ve taken, didn’t do what it promoted as VitaHustle does. Love this brand

A very energizing Vitamin Supplement

Did very good on the first day I started taking them I really felt energized... WOW. There one of the best ever Taken so far

It takes dedication

This doesn’t work very well with hard foods so u must be dedicated to doing this by buying specific soft foods. But otherwise this works great.


I do like this vitamin better than my old one. I do however wish I could buy it in a store instead of only online. I had one sent to my son and someone stole it off the porch.

Great product

I’ve taken a multi for years. This first day of taking vita hustle I noticed a difference in focus and energy. I will continue to take it

I loled it

I'm going to go a month without it then jump back on it to see if there was a big difference in my energy. But all in all I think it's a great hustle!


I love this product so focus is amazing and my recovery is wonderful....I can go hard everyday my joints feel amazing that I started running! Thank you Kevin Hart

Loving them

I’ve been taking the women’s Vitahustle for about a month now and I really like them, I feel like I’m less sore after work outs and have seen a bit improvement in my skin. Overall just seem to feel better with these. Will be continuing to take them.

So far so good

Haven’t quite finished the first month but so far so good!

Very good product

I’ve been using the product for almost 2 weeks, really effective specially on recovery.


Awesome product

At first I was skeptical and didn't notice any changes until the 3rd week. Then I noticed my energy level was up, my focus was sharp and I was able to recover day after day which motivated me to work out more every day. I love the energy I have now especially being an RN on a busy day seeing patients.

Vita hustle

I thought it was a great product, I bought me and my lady a months supply and we both really enjoyed it!! Definitely will be reupping the supply!!!

Don’t know what’s in it but it gives me energy.

I was hesitant to purchase at first seeing as how the description for ingredients is vague and doesn’t clarify how they will help or why they were chosen. The price for a 30 day supply is also $65 which is extremely high for a “multi-vitamin.” After taking them for a couple weeks I do notice an increase in my energy levels. Would I pay the same price for a daily bump in energy remains the question. Everyone reacts differently to supplements so you be the judge.

Very pleased

So far I am very pleased with the product. I find that taking 2 in the am and 2 evening works best for me.


Into my second week I really started feeling the effectiveness of these pills. Before I was so tired I just wanted to nap all the time. With these they've given me the boost I need throughout my entire day.