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Allergic reactions

Gave it a shot but it just wasn't for me because within 1 week i started getting a weird rash on my forearms and so i stop taking it and when I didn't took them on my 2nd week the rash went away.

Great Vitamins

I have taken the Vitamins for a while and love them!! They do what they claim!

This products works!

It’s been a couple months since I’ve been taking these vitamins .. I can say these are the best vitamin supplements I’ve tried to date .. I’ve had more and sustained daily energy and great mood and focus. I’ve also seen faster recovery after workouts. You’ve gotta try it I think once you do you’ll be hooked. 👍🏽👍🏽

Multivitamin for Men

Good ingredients

I love the ingredients list, seems easy to absorb, well balanced vitamin. Yes, you have to take 4 but that’s because this isn’t your average multivitamin. It’s worth it for the balance and impact of many great ingredients.

Too many pills

Having to take four pills each time is a little much for me and they aren’t small. I really haven’t noticed a difference between how I feel taking these versus the other vitamins I was taking before I decided to try these either.


No Noticeable change, whatsoever. Used it for a whole month, but still wanna give it a second month chance.

Damn Good Vitamin

Apparently i was lacking a lot of vitamins because now my hair and nails are growing at what seems to be an extremely fast pace. Worth it though

pretty great

I like the vitamin mix a lot. It doesn’t cause me any nausea like some have in the past. I wish I could order 3 packs again but it looks like that option has been taken away. Would be cool if the capsule themselves were vegan friendly, which I don't think they are at the moment.

Why not

I was looking for a new multivitamin and came across VitaHustle the ingredients caught my eye, and will save me from having to purchase and take so many pills on a daily basis

I love how the website tells you everything that's inside the multivitamin so you know exactly what you're taking.

A Great Vitamin

These vitamins have really helped walk me up and give me motivation to go through my day. I feel like I have more energy when I do take these vitamins and would recommend them to those who can afford them

Multivitamin for Men

Definitely a difference

I have definitely seen in a difference, but I haven’t been going to the gym to see the full impact. But I am about to start back soon

What a vitamin!

Love em! Best mens vitamin right now!!!

Just ok

I really felt no difference after workouts by taking vitahustle on the other hand I was not tired nor sore. So I’m assuming vitahustle has something to do with that. I also didn’t like the fact that I had to take 4 pills. Good product but I don’t think it’s for me. A little out of my price range.


Awesome product

Don’t really notice a difference

I’ve been active and taking the vitamins but don’t really notice a change health wise and energy wise


Not sure to what extent multi vitamins work in general but these ones seem to have pretty good ingredients that you normally wouldn’t find in other brands. I take them every day along with other supplements and I imagine they are helping out in some way or another and otherwise giving me what my body needs that I don’t get enough of by just eating. Only negative comment I have is that I remember the price was slightly cheaper when they first came out. I figure they increased it a little once the majority of people started buying them. That’s something I will be following and if the price goes up any further, I may have to switch but for now, they are a part of my diet.

Good stuff

I enjoy this multivitamin. I’m actually surprised at how well it helps me focus on whatever I’m doing aka work, working out or even golfing, more so than anything else. I’m naturally high energy so I don’t notice much of a difference in that department but I do feel a little bit more of an edge. All in all it’s a good product and like I said, I’m impressed with my focus while using this supplement. Only draw back is the price. Knock it down some and this product will be unbeatable

Good multivitamin not sure it's worth the price

I have been taking the vita hustle multi vitamin for almost a month an I took a flier after seeing Kevin Hart talk about it on Joe Rogan pod cast. I researched the ingredients and they looked very good and are. I paid $55 for the 30 day supply
and it's a 4 capsule serving per day.Pros:Good multivitamin, good energy, and focus.
Cons: Expensive and the results don't warrant the cost.
Overall: I am not sure if 30 days of use is enough a time to feel the benefits.
Not sure the price tag is worth waiting for.


The product was good, I can see the results.

Solid Multi

This vitamin is great. It helped me being a active athlete and father of two. It gives me the boost I need and what I may miss during the busy hours of the daily grind. I recommend this to everyone!

Energy levels are up

I'm not sure if its only my imagination but it seems as though my workouts are more intense do to higher energy levels, but I defiantly feel a difference.

Amazing product

VItaHustle has changed my life, I used to sleep until 11:30-12, now I’m up at 6:00 am feeling rested, something I haven’t felt in years. I have more energy then I ever have, When I began taking VItaHustle I was 225, I’m two months in I’m down to 205, and ive never looked or felt better. I’ve recommended this product to anyone that will listen because of the great change I’ve seen in my health. I used to be the type of person that would be the first person to get sick of anyone had the slightest cold and it would keep me in bed for days. My first week taking VItaHustle was my daughters first week of school she’s in kindergarten, she got sick and for the first time I didn’t. I love this product and will continue to use it, if your on the edge about making the purchase go watch the joe rogan podcast on Kevin hart, that’s what introduced me to them and I’m so glad I watched it, life changer. Thank you, and I hope Kevin fully recovers because he is and inspiration to me and millions of others.