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Great Shaker, Wish It Were Smaller

Great shaker! I usually use my Nutra Bullet to mix my shakes but you don't need to with this shaker. It does a wonderful job mixing. Just give it a vigorous shake and you won't have a single lump. I only wish it came smaller since my shakes are only 8 oz, it seems a bit excessive.


I hope this product thrives and continues to grow. Both flavors of the superfood powder are delicious and have helped greatly with my gastrointestinal health. The price is good and my husband has even gotten on board. I am a subscriber and will continue using this product. You can’t beat the price for all the value you receive in one bag. I only need this as a supplement now versus multiple powders and pills.

Best Protein Drink

Best tasting protein drink and easy to make. Love this stuff


I’ve been taking vita hustle for about 2-3 weeks now. I was beginning to notice the lack of nutrition that my body wasn’t getting. I decided to give it try and WOW!!!!!!! I feel so much better. Metal clarity, energy, focus, and overall just feeling better! I’ve got my wife drinking it now and I can my wait to hear about her improvement of just feeling better overall. I’ve even lost a few pounds which I so desperately need to loose. Thanks Kevin and everyone involved!!!!! Can’t wait to keep going!

Taste great, the best tasting shake

Taste great and makes me feel amazing!

I am always skeptical of super food shakes. This one did not disappoint! Both vanilla and chocolate taste amazing, not only that but it makes me feel amazing too. I have replaced breakfast with one shake and I feel better throughout the day. It fills me up until we’ll after lunch time too. I mix mine with almond milk for more of a shake consistency. You should try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Love the taste

So far so good

The Perfect Food

Outstanding product quality and superior customer service


I have been having indigestion issues for months. They were bad! It effected my work outs, my outfits & my romance. I never felt good. The bloating was unreal and it hurt! Doctors were putting me on over the counter medication. They only worked as I took them but I am not one to remember pills and would much rather go the natural route. After looking at long term use heath effects those pills and powders caused I knew I had to get back into something I would be motivated to try and what better product than a healthy, clean shake. I usually do not go for companies that put a celebrity face on their product. Usually they are dishonest to make their next million. But Kevin hart seems honest and genuine. A comedian I feel always is because they are not afraid to speak the truth. So I started my journey almost a month ago. I will say it takes about a week for my body to feel changes in my gut heath, but since then, I have been a healthy, regular cycle and my stomach is back to normal! I love it! ❤️

Review #2

I have been using this stuff for a couple months now and I love it

True to size

Comfy shirt. True to size, thanks guys<3

Vita Hustle The ONE

I tried the vanilla and the chocolate. Both are super delicious. I love the recipe book, my favorite is the chocolate peanut butter much better tasting than others I have tried.So yummy!!!!!!! I feel better than ever!!!!

Phenomenal Product!

I am not the same without this in my system,, I’m a 64 year old breast cancer survivor who has made my decision to be healthier. I have this for breakfast everyday along with watermelon and cantaloupe and I’m good for at least 4-5 hours, it stopped my in between cravings for junk!, I’ve lost 16 lbs since September 2022

best drink

Vita Hustle is the most affordable with great taste. 👍

Taste's Good!

been taking The One everyday for about a month and have noticed a difference!

King Fatai

I love the product, I wanted to take it consistently before I leave a review and I have to say I love it much. Definitely plan on promoting it more and becoming an ambassador as well. I can see sponsorship as well when the time is right because this is definitely a product I will vouch for and stand behind. Thank you VitaHustle

Delicious and filling!

I love VitaHustle! I know I’m getting good nutrients and vitamins and tons of other good stuff. I mix it with milk and it’s delicious! Nice filling start to my day.


I was not sure what to expect with this, but it has easily become a part of my daily wellness routine and it’s soooo worth the money! It actually tastes good just by itself with oatmilk, not like chalk like other protein powders can. Of course the wealth of good and beneficial ingredients are a plus. But most of all I am impressed with how much it improved my digestive Symptoms! It must be a result of the probiotics and digestive enzymes, but I don’t get nearly as bloated as I used to after eating, and I get less discomfort after eating as well. I finally feel like things are flowing like how they should, and I largely thank this drink. A benefit I did not even expect.

No GI upset

I have tried many other plant based proteins and they do not agree w my stomach. I love this protein. Worth the price. I can genuinely say I feel better overall since this has given a great source of quality protein.

Deliciously healthy

I add one banana and a premium protein shake to my mix. The result is perfection!

Tastes great

I love it! Definitely my new favorite protein powder!

Run hard

I love this stuff

Easy to Mix

Great taste on the Chocolate and mixes easy

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