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The VitaHustle T-Shirt is a custom slim-fit tee. The fabric is a super soft blend of 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, and is produced in the USA using imported fabrics. The VitaHusltle logos on the chest and sleeve are screen printed using durable inks.

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    True to size

    Comfy shirt. True to size, thanks guys<3

    Victor G.

    Honestly, I was just looking for a decent protein shake. You know organic, no bs fillers, all that good stuff. If you’ve done this before, you know you always get sent down a rabbit hole of the overpacked 64G of protein that’s too much or the green pastures that’s only 12 grams. You get my drift…
    Anyways, I came across this and figured I’d give it a shot, hoping that he wouldn’t put his name and reputation on something that would turn out to be ****. He didn’t… this is the first Superfood/meal replacement that I I actually look forward too and finished. I’m mostly happy about it because it wasn’t a waste of money and just sitting in my cabinet. With ice cold water it was good, but with a cold protein packed plant based/ almond milk it was very good and filling. And absolutely no stomach issues or nasty mouthfeel. It blends very well, so it’s not thick and chalky like some. I am still on a search for a decent protein, but Vitahustle One is definitely part of my go to breakfast everyday or even in between meals shake. I had the Vanilla flavor and I’m ordering the chocolate one now!

    Michael S.
    Best shirt

    Best shirt. Period. Wish they had more colors. Next up shorts and protein bars? Cmon KH.

    Corlina C.
    Great Shirt's

    Size of shirts are correct, great material feels great. Shirt does not shrink or fade have shirt's over a year bought more for daily use and workouts.

    Dameon F.
    Super comfortable work out or everyday shirt

    Very versatile shirt. The fit and fabric is amazing….. Homerun Vitahustle team