What Are the Benefits of Maca Root?

If you’ve found yourself endlessly Googling the complicated names of ingredients found in supplements and products promising to transform your health, you’ve probably asked ‘what is maca root?’ at some point.
Our increasingly conscious push to become pillars of health has meant (previously) lesser-known ingredients in products– like ashwagandha and alkalizing greens – that are hugely popular in other parts of the world have finally begun to spread Western-wide. And maca root is one of them. Maca root is a Peruvian plant found way up high in the Andes mountains and belongs to the same family as the humble radish. According to research, maca has been cultivated for a staggering 2,000 years, traditionally consumed by Andean people as a food and natural remedy. It’s known for its fertility-enhancing properties and ability to low mood, among other health problems. It has since established itself as a super nutritional component of many food supplements because of its supposed medicinal properties and health benefits.

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Maca root is a staple ingredient in our VitaHustle ONE Superfoods Blend. Our clean and green plant-based protein contains a whopping 86 superfoods and essential nutrients, 22 vitamins and minerals, 20g of protein, prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens to pack a seriously powerful punch in every single serving. 
Below, we reveal the benefits of maca root and why it earns a place as an everyday essential ingredient in our Superdrink. 

Maca Root Benefits 

Wondering why maca root matters? Here are some proposed benefits of the magical maca. 

Maca Root for Men: Infertility 

Maca root has properties that could potentially improve male infertility and supercharge sex drive when taken orally. Some experimental evidence even shows that it can be a fertility enhancer in both sexes, helping to improve symptoms of sexual dysfunction and increase sperm count and motility. Looking to limber up libido? Maca might help. 
One small study of 20 volunteers aged 20-40 over 12 weeks found that sperm concentration and motility were higher in those taking a dose of maca compared to the placebo group, without negatively affecting testosterone levels. It could just have you back in the bedroom. 

Maca has Medicinal Properties

Maca is rich in fiber, amino acids (crucial for muscle growth and repair), and nutrients like vitamin c, copper, iron, and calcium. Some research suggests the maca root even contains bioactive compounds that could boost memory and mood and provides antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Maca is also rich in iron and iodine, which can contribute to a speedy metabolism and optimal cellular function. 


Maca for Women: Menopause 

It’s not just men who could benefit from taking maca – women could improve symptoms of menopause, too. 
The discomfort of menopause is well documented and very real – from vaginal dryness and low mood to low libido and tiredness, it’s a slog that many women deal with on a day-to-day basis. However, a double-blind pilot study found significant improvements in menopausal symptoms of women and reduced discomfort after eight months of supplementing two capsules daily. 
They even found improvements in female hormone levels after one month of supplementing with placebo-only capsules, before testing with maca further down the line. 

Maca Root Could Boost Mood and Energy and Reduce Stress

A cocktail of work-life stressors can deplete our energy levels and put a downer on our mood. According to a 2015 study on Chinese post-menopausal women, maca helped reduce symptoms of depression and improved diastolic blood pressure. 
What’s more, another study found that a daily dose of 3.5g of maca over six weeks reduced symptoms like anxiety and depression in postmenopausal women, and even improved symptoms of sexual dysfunction, too. And with reduced levels of stress comes improved levels of sleep – a win-win. 

How to Use Maca Root 

Maca can be found in many forms, from pills to powders, and has a nutty flavor perfect for most recipes. Maca powders are hugely popular for their convenience, allowing you to sprinkle them into your favorite smoothie recipe, protein coffee, or superfood protein brownies
Our VitaHustle ONE Superfoods Blend comes prepared with maca alongside plenty of vitamin-rich ingredients – you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy it as part of your daily Superdrink.